Attention: Yoga Teachers, Educators, Side Hustlers, Parents, Fitness Lovers, and Anyone Thinking about Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Want to Know the Secret to Becoming a Successful Kids Yoga Teacher?

Well, we've cracked the code (read on and we'll spill the beans).

Meanwhile, you're HERE, which means you're one step closer to your DREAM JOB: Teaching Kids Yoga.

Go YOU!🎉


Welcome to Pretzel Kids®!

You're probably here because.....

✔️ You want to teach kids yoga BUT you don't want to pull your hair out figuring out all the things. By that I mean stuff like: how to do all the tech stuff (yuck), how to get kids signed up for your classes, and how to stand out in a very crowded field.


✔️ You want to share your teaching talents, be part of a vibrant and supportive community, and finally enjoy financial freedom 💰

✔️ You want to make a positive impact in the lives of children without the struggle of trying to start a business.


Well, guess what?

We're here to take your overwhelm away and help you succeed.

We're here to give you a proven training method and do all the headachy business stuff for you.

This way you can do what you truly want to do:

Teach children's yoga.




The Pretzel Kids®Method

(AKA The Pretzel Kids Teacher Certification Course)

Start Training Today.

Start Teaching Tomorrow!

In less than 12 hours you can become a certified Pretzel Kids®Yoga teacher — from your couch — with more opportunities than you can imagine

(and psst: You don't need to be a 200-hr yoga teacher to take our course. Teaching kids is vastly different than teaching adults. And we give you our entire method. Full-stop.)

Start teaching classes immediately.

Instead of competing to teach vinyasa yoga classes with every other recent 200-hour grad (for the same few jobs due to studio closures during COVID), you’ll be in high demand for classes, after-school programs, camps, and birthday parties. 

Plan engaging curriculum for young students.

Instead of trying to teach “adult poses,” we give you our proprietary kids yoga curriculum (written by yogis and school teachers!) We'll show you how to have fun with yoga games and poses designed especially for kids. Plus, we'll teach you how to structure and manage your classes!

Make money instead of spending money.

You don't have to buy a pricey yogapreneur course, hire an expensive business/life coach, or enroll in a lengthy 200-hour teacher training to teach Pretzel Kids. In fact, you can skip the 200-hr YTT course - and all that other noise - and start teaching our curriculum right away!

The truth is, most yoga teacher trainings don't teach you:

  • Whether you need a website and a logo
  • How to send emails and what to say in those emails
  • How to create registration forms, waivers, and other legal documents
  • How to figure out video conferencing and teach yoga online
  • How to accept payments
  • How to price your services
  • How to actually get hired
  • How to grow your classes
  • How to specifically run yoga classes for toddlers, kids and teens!

Pretzel Kids to the Rescue.....

We're Different from the Rest of the Run-of-the-Mill Trainings Popping Up All over Your Social Feeds and in Every Studio.

We are an Established Brand with a Proven Method. And There's Power in That!

Pretzel Kids Yoga is a nationally recognized kids yoga brand, curriculum and membership program.

Our exclusive Pretzel Kids Method has been developed and tested by hundreds of teachers and thousands of kids. 

When you become a Pretzel Kids teacher, you become part of an established brand.

Plus, we don’t try to teach you how to run a business (yup you can skip all those OTHER courses!)

We. Do. It. For. You. 


Getting started is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3

The Pretzel Kids Method is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to teach kids yoga. Period.


Complete the Pretzel Kids Teacher Certification Course

Unlike other courses, The Pretzel Kids Method is designed to get you up and running fast. That’s why the full certification will only take 12 hours to complete — easy enough to complete in a weekend or less!


Immerse Yourself in The PkTA (The Pretzel Kids Teacher Association, aka our membership)

Your membership comes with your course purchase! Our team is ready and eager to support you every step of the way — at your fingertips 24/7/365.


Start Teaching

The kids are waiting for YOU! So, get out there and teach! No need for tech headaches, social media burnout, etc. We give you a business-in-a box that’s ready to go as soon as you are.

What's included in the Pretzel Kids Course?

1. Learn the Pretzel Kids Method!

2. Follow along and participate with each video module and feel like you are part of a live training course.

3. The online Pretzel Kids Manual, a guidebook chock-full of activities, games and techniques.

4. Discover The Pretzel Kids teaching system and learn how to implement it immediately.

5. Get access to our resources, videos, and more. This way you can go back and review and grab a new idea at any time.  



Here's a Snapshot Look at the 8 Training Modules.....

Module #1: Setting up your classes

A review of the Pretzel Kids Method and approach to teaching. This includes: How to begin, structure and manage your class, plus a review of specific centering tips and tools for appropriate age groups.

Module #2: Pranayama

A review of Pretzel Kids-themed breathing techniques and activities.

Module #3: Warm-Ups

Learn specific Pretzel Kids warm-up techniques and activities.

Module #4: Sun Salutations

A review of the poses in a typical Pretzel Kids sun salutation. This includes proprietary Pretzel Kids sun salutation games and activities.

Let's Break for Poses and Learn the Three-Part Pretzel Kids Pose Bank!  

We've divided this module up into three videos.

Watch them all, with your manual by your side, and learn how to practice more than 60 Pretzel Kid poses!

Module #5: Game Bank: The Heart of Your Class

Here is where we get to have a ton of fun (and laughs)! Get ready to learn our most popular Pretzel Kids yoga games for all ages! Plus, learn how to theme your games.

Module #6: Cool Down

Learn specific Pretzel Kids cool-down asanas and activities to bring the energy down.

Module #7: Re-Centering

Learn how to ground your class with specific breathing, mindfulness and meditation techniques.

Module #8: Savasana

Believe it or not, kids in our classes LOVE savasana. Why? Because we make sure this is a fun, relaxing end-of-class activity. It's something they love and look forward to. During this module, you'll learn how to facilitate savasanas that work!

Included with Your Pretzel Kids Training is a Monthly Membership to the Pretzel Kids Teacher Association!

(This is like Zumba, but for kids yoga!)

The Pretzel Kids Teacher Association (PkTA) provides you with:

Our Branding

The license to use the Pretzel Kids name, logos, brochures, brand images, marketing materials, and more to start your own Pretzel Kids yoga classes.

Class Listings

Listings on our yoga class locator and virtual class page. Parents will be able to find YOUR classes and sign up (through you directly, the yoga studio, the gym, or online!)

Your Own Profile

Your own profile page on our Pretzel Kids web platform to include your bio, photo, availability, class information, and social media links. This will enable studios, parents, and school directors to find and hire you directly for teaching gigs.

Continued Education & Monthly Lesson Plans

We deliver monthly lesson plans right to you! Plus, you can participate in ongoing trainings on teaching and biz topics like: 'How to Price Classes and Increase Enrollments', and 'How to Teach Kids with Special Needs.'

Exclusive Community

Our exclusive supportive, private community on Circle. Plus, the ability to reach out to our founder at any time with any questions!

Job placement opportunities

Job placements in schools, camps and other locations! Plus, the ability to teach via our online teaching partners and contracted schools.

You get all this, plus the confidence you’re living your best life when you join Pretzel Kids!

Still on the Fence?

Well, maybe this'll make you wanna hop on over to our side....

Did you know that teaching yoga to kids is one of the fastest-growing opportunities in the yoga world?


  • School directors want to hire a kids yoga teacher but don't know where to start.  
  • Parents are searching Google for "kids yoga near me" and coming up empty.  
  • Kids yoga teachers are in high demand and adult yoga teacher trainings do NOT prepare you or give you tips for teaching kids yoga.

The Pretzel Kids Method is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to teach kids yoga. And, we're the only kids yoga company that gives the support you need to launch successful children's classes. Period.

As a quick recap:

✔️The Pretzel Kids Method is adaptable! You can adapt this material to teach classes for toddlers on up to teens - or work with children one-on-one.

✔️No need to travel to our live training. You can take the SAME course on your own time from the comfort of your home.

✔️ We support you! You'll become a licensed Pretzel Kids teacher as part of our PkTA community. You'll be listed on our website, get lesson plans delivered directly to you, and more. All you need to do is teach!

Want another reason to join Pretzel Kids?

The exclusive PkTA saves you money and helps you earn more money....💲

And, you won't need to do all the things on your own.

Pretzel Kids is the whole package: the course + a business-in-a-box.

And, here's one more fun fact: You'd spend less on your Pretzel Kids training & PkTA than what you’d probably spend every month on your morning coffee (Acorns reports that the average American spends about $1,100 per year on coffee, which breaks down to roughly $92 a month.)


Meet Your Teacher!

Hi everyone. I'm Robyn! 

I guess you could call me a serial entrepreneur. Among other ventures, I owned a profitable yoga studio for 12 years and ran a 200-hour yoga teacher training program for over a decade. I’ve also been teaching yoga for almost 20 years!

Phew! It’s been a journey, to say the least.

I started my career as a  journalist with publications like the Los Angeles Times and Investor’s Business Daily (IBD). An unplanned detour while on a travel writing assignment in China led me to a meditation teacher. (Want to know the full story? I got seriously ill in China – the scariest time of my life. I was eventually diagnosed with a neurological disorder that left me bedridden with two young kids for almost two years). 

Sorry to digress...That meditation teacher turned out to be a bigwig who wrote a book with the Dalai Lama. He taught me pranayama at a time when I would do anything to recover. Upon the advice of my sorta famous teacher, I began to practice yoga and three years later, I became a yoga teacher and opened a studio! Before long, we offered classes, workshops, retreats, and a 200-hour yoga teacher training program. We also ran branded Pretzel Kids classes and weekend trainings.

I sold the studio in 2016 to focus solely on growing Pretzel Kids and helping YOU succeed. I can't wait to help you grow YOUR kids yoga biz!

P.S. - In my spare time, I search for flea market finds for my 100+ year-old farmhouse in Boston, pretend I know how to cook, and hang out with my 3 sons, 2 dogs, and 1 husband. 

Ok, Now it's Time to Tell You Know What We’re Not:

🚫 A franchise. Pretzel Kids isn’t going to insist that you pay thousands of dollars to claim a territory or prepare a brick-and-mortar location. We’re not going to take a percentage of your sales and expect you to pay monthly marketing fees. And you never have to buy a single piece of branded equipment.

🚫 Just another self-paced course. You’re not going to learn a few poses and then be turned loose in the world. Pretzel Kids is here to support not only your kids yoga training, but your entire business-building journey in an engaged community.

🚫 A money-grab. Unlike some other certification programs, we’re not interested in you as a transaction. Instead, we’re focusing on your results. We want you to do what you love - teach kids yoga - and our PkTA membership is designed to support you every step of the way.

Getting started will cost you less, and return you more, than any other certification out there.

If you love yoga, enjoy teaching kids, and want to combine those two to build yourself a lucrative and fun business, Pretzel Kids Yoga is the logical next step.

(And, even if you're ONLY looking for the best kids yoga training and ongoing teaching resources, we give you ALL THIS plus MORE! And no matter which way you slice it: MORE IS MORE!)

But Don't Just Take Our Word for it....

kids yoga instructor

Sheena got a lucrative after-school contract through Pretzel Kids, and is a go-to kids yoga teacher in her community!  

“The Pretzel Kids (membership) program has helped me grow my business and classes. Just recently, “Robyn sent me over a great opportunity that led to a secured after-school yoga series!”  

I also love the ability to use the Pretzel Kids platform to “advertise my experience and the details of each of my classes. This gives me the opportunity to send the link to locations that are interested in new classes, as well as share in local social media community groups to encourage sign-ups for the classes.”  

The resources provided by Pretzel Kids are invaluable. “I use the ongoing lesson plans and the marketing templates. The lesson plans make it easier to teach the class as they support a theme and provide ideas of each part of the class, rather than having to start from scratch on each lesson. They help to tie in the different poses and games that are central to the theme.

As for marketing, “the marketing templates (included in the Pretzel Kids membership) help me communicate to potential locations.”  

I also gain a lot from the private teachers group. “I find it helpful to get ideas from other teachers about methods they have used in their classes. This is also a great place to ask questions about future classes or lesson plans. I can also use the group to find new teaching opportunities that Robyn posts.”

 In general, this program is great as “Robyn is supportive in this whole process, starting from when you initially sign up, to setting up your classes and business, to getting ongoing support with the website and class inquiries. She is readily available through email, our private group, and calls - which provides flexibility in getting needed support.”

- Sheena M.  

Kim Howard, Pretzel Kids Instructor

Kim gets a steady stream of jobs via Pretzel Kids!

I finished my Pretzel Kids yoga certification and now teach at a daycare center and yoga studio. I love the opportunities Pretzel Kids yoga offers me!

- Kim H.

Kid Yoga Instructor Jessica Petrus

Jessica scaled her Pretzel Kids biz - even during the pandemic!

"2020 was bizarre and hard, but working with Pretzel Kids has helped me grow my youth yoga business. I've had tons of new teaching opportunities (online and in-person) and I love that the Pretzel Kids curriculum meets students where they are in their yoga & mindfulness journeys. Thank you Robyn for creating such a supportive, fantastic program!”  

- Jessica P.

Kids Yoga Classes Online

Sarah, a long-time educator, loved the Pretzel Kids Method

“As both an educator and yogini, I was amazed by the high quality of the Pretzel Kids approach, which combines the best in age-appropriate pedagogical practice with genuine yoga principles and techniques. 

I got all the tools necessary to begin teaching right away and all the kids I have worked with have loved the PK experience!”  

– Sarah B.

Pretzel Kids helped middle school teacher Malai teach kids yoga - without the stress!

Pretzel Kids was a way for me to not only teach yoga, but also be an entrepreneur. My favorite thing about Pretzel Kids is that all the resources you need are readily available. Every month, you have access to a theme that outlines all of the breathing techniques and poses. Pretzel Kids has taken the guesswork out of teaching kids yoga. It's been so easy and (being a Pretzel Kids teacher) has taken the stress off of me! 

- Malai P.

It's True: Pretzel Kids is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to start teaching kids yoga AND make more money!

So, why start from scratch when you can go with a proven system that works?

Why do it all yourself and spend oodles of money on course after course, tech integrations, booking platforms, branding, and more? No bueno.

Say hello to your new life and career!

Enroll Now in the Pretzel Kids Teacher Training Course + PkTA Membership


(and lock in this exclusive rate before it jumps higher later in the year)

You get:

  • The 12-hour training so you can start teaching right away!
  • The licensing rights to our branding and marketing materials so you don’t have to think about things business owners toil over for months
  • Your own teacher profile so you’re easy to find.
  • Access to our web platform, Hire a Teacher and Find a Class locators so that so you reach a wide audience ready to hire you and book your classes.
  • Ongoing trainings with our founder - long after you complete your course.
  • Monthly themed themed lesson plans delivered right to you.
  • FREE adult yoga classes with our virtual studio partner so you can prioritize your own self-care (YAAS!)
  • Access to our team and our exclusive community of successful Pretzel Kids teachers for support when you need it.
  • And SO much more!

You get all this, plus the confidence you’re living your best life when you join Pretzel Kids Yoga!



Your first month’s membership is FREE!

$498 for the full course and first-month membership*

And $49/month after that to continue as a PkTA member

$498 then $49/month

*You have access to the course for 6 months from the time of enrollment. Course remains active for members.

Enroll Now!

Annually (Most Popular!)

SAVE almost $400 (that’s like getting 8 months FREE!)

$798 for the full course PLUS first-year membership then $49/month after that to continue as a PkTA member.*

PLUS Special Needs bonus mini-course: $99 - FREE for YOU!

(This OM-azing package, with rolled back prices, is our BEST deal!)

$1,185 $798

*You have access to the course for 12 months, and then for as long as you remain a member after your first year.

Questions and Answers

When does the course start and finish? The course starts whenever you want. The certification course is self-paced so you can hop in as soon as you’re ready.

How long do I have access to the certification course? You will be able to access all course material as long as you are a member of the PkTA.

What if I just want to take the Pretzel Kids course without the PkTA? Is this a possibility? The course comes with the PkTA (either one month free or a full year included). So you might as well take advantage of it!

What if I no longer want to be a PkTA member? If you decide you don't want the membership, you can either cancel it on your own at anytime or we can do it for you. If you need help canceling your membership, please send an email to and tell us why you wish to unsubscribe (important for us to know so that we can continue to improve the program). If you're on a monthly plan, your subscription will be discontinued no more than 30 days after we receive and confirm your request (as you will have already received that month's lesson plans and any other materials). For example, if your request is received on January 25, you will be unsubscribed on February 25. You will be charged for any subscription fees until that point but not after that. If you are on the annual plan, your subscription will be terminated at the end of your paid yearly term (so at the end of your year). Please note: Canceling on your own is instantaneous vs. contacting support (which can take up to 30 days - the choice is yours.) And, by canceling your PkTA membership, you will also lose access to your Pretzel Kids certification course.

Are subscription fees refundable? No, subscription fees are non-refundable. Yet, as stated above, you can cancel at any time.

Do I need to be a 200-hour yoga teacher to become a Pretzel Kids teacher? Nope!

Are there any prerequisites to take this course? Yes! You should have a desire to teach children and make a difference in the world! Also, we recommend that you have some basic familiarity with yoga. If not, no worries. Contact us and we'll recommend a couple of things you can do to prepare for the course.

What if I want a refund on the certification course? We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us within the first 14 days of your purchase but before you’ve taken 50% of the course. In this case, we will give you a full refund minus a $150 admin fee (already paid for your onboarding and to our service providers). Once you've completed more than half the course, we are unable to refund you under any circumstance even if you contact us within 14 days.

How long can I access and use the Pretzel Kids logos and branding materials to market myself and my kids yoga classes? After enrolling, you can use Pretzel Kids branding, logos, and ongoing resources for as long as you are part of the membership community in good standing.

Can I use the name "Pretzel Kids" for my email accounts, social media channels, business name, or a website domain name? Pretzel Kids is a registered trademark and as such, you cannot use the Pretzel Kids name for your own business, email accounts, website domain name, or social media accounts. However, you will get licensing rights to use the Pretzel Kids name and logos to promote your classes and events.

Can I call my classes Pretzel Kids? Can I call myself a Pretzel Kids teacher? The answer is YES to both questions! For as long as you're a Pretzel Kids member, you can call your classes Pretzel Kids wherever you happen to teach (similar to a Zumba teacher who teaches Zumba classes at the YMCA, local gym, etc.)

Can I purchase a training manual? Yes! While the course comes with an online manual, the full print version is available to purchase separately. Details are in the online course. Please note: The Pretzel Kids training manual is copyright protected and for your use only. It is non-refundable.

Is this course a Yoga Alliance RYT-C program? If not, can I get continuing ed credits through YA? Our course is not a 95-hour program through Yoga Alliance. We have opted not to run our course in this way as A) This option is only available to RYT-200 teachers and, if you have taken a 200-hour program, you don't then need another 95 hours; B) Our founder used to offer a 200-hour RYT program (for 10 years) and researched the heck out of this. We determined that the most effective way to run our course is to do so independently and offer YOU a high-quality course at a low price point. With that said, YES, this course is eligible for continuing ed credits through the Yoga Alliance.

Do you offer group discounts? Yes. Please note that once you purchase the course, it's only for your use. But, if you have friends who wish to also train (or if you wish to train several teachers at a studio or school), we offer volume purchase rates. Please contact us for pricing.

Can I join the PkTA without taking the Pretzel Kids certification course? While we highly recommend our full program, if you have already taken another approved kids yoga teacher training (contact us to learn which courses are approved), you can join the PkTA here.

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