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Welcome to the Pretzel Kids Membership Program!

So, you want to start a Pretzel Kids business? Good choice.  

So, you want to build a Pretzel Kids business and increase class sales? Good choice.  

So, you want to grow your Pretzel Kids classes? Good choice.

Your Yoga Business-in-a-Box

Becoming part of our membership community and teacher network gives you all the tools to start, build & grow your very own kids yoga business - using the Pretzel Kids name, brand, logos and more! Plus, with the Pretzel Kids membership, you'll never be alone in your kids yoga journey.  

Yup, our monthly membership program and teacher network gives you the support and resources you need to become the go-to kids yoga teacher in your community!  

Not a Pretzel Kids teacher yet? No worries. Start your training with our certification course!  

Still wondering what the Pretzel Kids membership is all about?  

Let's start with what we're NOT about:  

  • This is NOT an expensive franchise and there are no mandatory overhead costs.
  • This is NOT a gimmicky company with high inventory expenses and hidden fees every which way you turn.  

Instead, we are, quite simply:  

  • A program designed to help you do something meaningful (yup, teach kids yoga) and achieve financial succes - at the same time!  

That's right: The sky's the limit!

What's included in the Pretzel Kids Membership?

  • The rights (also called 'license') to use our name, logos, brochures, brand images, marketing materials and more to start your own Pretzel Kids yoga business or market your kids yoga classes. This means you become a licensee (without any hefty fees).  
  • Your own profile page on our Pretzel Kids web platform to include your bio, photo, availability, class information, and social media links. This will enable studios, parents and school directors to find and hire you directly for teaching gigs. 
  • List all your classes on our new class locator. Parents will be able to find YOUR classes and sign up (through you directly, the yoga studio, the gym or wherever you are teaching!) Your bio will be prominently featured so that parents and school administrators can also learn more about you - and book you directly for teaching gigs!  
  • Be part of our exclusive community of Pretzel Kids teachers! For starters, you'll have access to our private business accelerator where you'll get class tips, monthly lesson plans, class themes and other tools on how to run your Pretzel Kids yoga business!
  • Business builder webinars and bi-weekly "Ask Me Anything" office hours with Pretzel Kids Founder Robyn Parets
  • Social media support on our Facebook & Instagram channels - featuring your classes and events! 
  • Discounts on related services, such as liability insurance.  
  • The ability to find jobs in schools and get booked for birthday parties and more!  

What's the catch?  

NOTHING. We don't earn a cent off your classes. Your only cost is our low membership fee, which is designed to help you increase your earnings using Pretzel Kids branding and resources.  

Bet you're thinking: How can Pretzel Kids possibly make any money off this insanely low pricing model? Good question.  

Here's the answer: We need to start our teacher network and once we gain momentum with our early adopters, we can then roll out more features, consumer brands and other services. We also firmly believe that what we are doing is changing the lives of children and the lives of those who are teaching Pretzel Kids classes.  

And that's priceless.

Hear from our students:

I had an incredible time training the pretzel kids way! Robyn was quite inspirational and had plenty of wisdom to share. As an education major I could see the methods of pretzel kids will be very effective with kids yoga classes.

- Olivia K.

“As both an educator and yogini, I was amazed by the high quality of the Pretzel Kids approach, which combines the best in age-appropriate pedagogical practice with genuine yoga principles and techniques. 

I got all the tools necessary to begin teaching right away and all the kids I have worked with have loved the PK experience!”  

– Sarah B. of Israel

Our fee is the equivalent of what you'd pay to host your own website (which you get as part of this extraordinary deal).  

So, basically, you get the licensing, branding support, business tools, web platform, social media marketing services, & our teaching hacks for FREE!


Your Instructor

Hi everyone! I'm Robyn Parets, founder and creator of Pretzel Kids®. I'm also a marketing & branding expert, financial writer, and seasoned journalist.  

I began leading Pretzel Kids yoga certification courses more than 12 years ago under the umbrella of my former Boston yoga studio, Breathe Joy Yoga. I also formerly ran a 200-hour TT school, so my intention with Pretzel Kids is to give YOU a fast and easy way to teach kids yoga - without spending thousands of dollars on an RYT-200 course (that, by the way, won't prepare you to teach a bunch of 5-year-olds.) Yup, it's true.  

I absolutely love helping women make big bucks doing something they love. For this reason, I'm also a business coach at iFundWomen, and spend my time mentoring licensed Pretzel Kids teachers on launching their own successful businesses.  

Pretzel Kids® was founded as a way to offer a structured yoga play environment for children. In fact, our ground-breaking children's yoga curriculum was written by school teachers (also yoga instructors). It is designed to model effective classroom educational programs and make it easy for YOU to begin teaching kids yoga immediately.  

When not teaching and coaching, I like to travel, meditate, spend time outdoors, read & write, and hang out with my family and dogs. You can learn more about me on my personal website HERE. Let me know if you have any questions!  

Are you ready to join the exclusive Pretzel Kids membership community?

Frequently Asked Questions

When does your membership start and finish? Your membership starts now and is ongoing - as long as you want to be a licensed Pretzel Kids teacher. This is a completely optional program to help you launch and level up a Pretzel Kids business in your local community.  

How long can I access and use the Pretzel Kids logos and branding materials to market myself, my kids yoga business and my classes? After enrolling, you use Pretzel Kids branding, logos and ongoing resources for as long as you are part of the membership community in good standing.

Can I promote my classes as "Pretzel Kids" classes? Yes, we support and recommend this! We simply ask that you do not register a domain name with the name Pretzel Kids, or create a social media page called Pretzel Kids, as in a website called or a Facebook page called Lindsayspretzelkids. You also cannot create an email address using the name Pretzel Kids (such as BUT, you can certainly liberally use the Pretzel Kids logo and refer to your classes as Pretzel Kids on your own website or social media pages. If you have any questions about this, please contact us. 

What happens if I no longer want to be a licensed Pretzel Kids teacher? Of course we want you to stay with the program and we ask that you give it at least three months to see the benefits. Ultimately, it's your decision. Please note that if you cancel your membership. you'll no longer have the rights to use the Pretzel Kids branding and logos when marketing your classes. We will also remove you from our website and private groups. To unsubscribe: Send an email to and tell us why you wish to unsubscribe (important for us to know so that we can continue to improve the program). If you're on a monthly plan, your subscription will be discontinued 30 days after we receive and confirm your request (as you will have already received that month's lesson plan and any other materials). For example, if your request is received on January 25, you will be unsubscribed on February 25. You will be charged for any subscription fees until that point but not after that. If you are on the annual plan, your subscription will be terminated at the end of your paid term (so at the end of your year). If you have any questions, please let us know.

Can I use the name "Pretzel Kids" for my email accounts, social media channels, business name or website domain name? Pretzel Kids is a registered trademark and as such, you cannot use the name for your own business, email accounts, website domain name, or social media accounts. However, because you are a member of the "Start a Pretzel Kids Yoga Business", you will get licensing rights to use the Pretzel Kids name and logos for your classes and events. And, with your membership, you can use our logos, name and brand on your own website. For further information, please contact us at

What are the prerequisites for signing up? The only prerequisite is that have either A) Already completed our online Pretzel Kids Yoga Teacher Training course or attended one of our live weekend trainings; or B) You are currently enrolling in our course and working toward completion.

Can I sign up if I haven't taken the Pretzel Kids Yoga certification course? No, this program is only open to Pretzel Kids teachers (or those currently enrolled in our teacher training program). Your next question might be: Why isn't this program open to other yoga teachers or those who have taken another kids yoga teacher training course? The answer: Because the Pretzel Kids teaching methodology is proprietary and different from other trainings and teaching methodologies. We can only allow teachers to use our Pretzel Kids branding, logos and marketing materials if we feel confident that they are knowledgeable in the Pretzel Kids curriculum. This also benefits you if you're a Pretzel Kids teacher as it sets you apart in your community and marketplace.

I just took the online course! It was convenient, informative, and fun! Can’t wait to get started!!

- Maija T.

“I benefited so much from the Pretzel Kids® teacher training. The concept travels well and I have taught classes in Ireland and the U.S.! 

This training gave me a serious advantage over adult yoga teachers who tried to teach kids without a proven concept. I would totally recommend the Pretzel Kids teacher training to teachers, parents and anyone who wants to teach little yogis!” 

-- Louise L. of Ireland

Are you ready to join the exclusive Pretzel Kids membership community?

Pay $290 per year...

or pay $29 per month

BEST DEAL: Get 2 months FREE when you pay annually!  

For this low price, you will get licensing rights to the Pretzel Kids name and logos. You'll also get:  

  • Your profile on our website for direct job bookings  
  • Our social media support in boosting your business  
  • Monthly lesson plans delivered right to you  
  • Coaching and ongoing support  
  • Newsletters and blog posts  
  • Webinars and conference calls  
  • Membership in a private business accelerator Slack group  
  • More coming soon!  

Please note! Annual payments are non-refundable once charged

For this low price, you will get licensing rights to the Pretzel Kids name and logos. You'll also get:  

  • Your profile on our website for direct job bookings 
  • Our social media support in boosting your business  
  • Monthly lesson plans delivered right to you  
  • Coaching and ongoing support  
  • Newsletters and blog posts  
  • Webinars and conference calls  
  • Membership in a private business accelerator Slack group  
  • More coming soon!  

Please note! Your payments are non-refundable once charged