You're overwhelmed. We get it. We're here to take YOUR stress - and that of your students - away.

Pretzel Kids to the Rescue. Let's all say OM to that!

It's time to make one phone call and let us place a trained Pretzel Kids instructor at your preschool, after-school program, K-12 school, camp, gym or or organization! We've been teaching our proven Pretzel Kids classes in schools for 16 years! We know what we're doing when it comes to children's yoga and mindfulness. You can relax and let us help your students relax, too.

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And just think, while we're at your school or facility, you might be able to exhale, too!

You're stressed. The kids are stressed. We get it.

You may be short-staffed, but you know that yoga & mindfulness is important for kids. You and your staff have zero time to take a course, implement a new social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum or even set aside time for lesson planning and digital content.

You just want a vetted, trained children's yoga instructor.

This is where we come in! We have a growing team of trained instructors who have been teaching our proven Pretzel Kids classes in schools, camps, and enrichment programs for years. Our curriculum was created by school teachers and we know what works. We take the hiring stress away so you that you too can breath a sigh of relief!

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And P.S. - We also offer virtual tools if that's something you're interested in! This way you can train your own staff and implement the Pretzel Kids curriculum and program anytime you want (think daily classes! 🎉)

Pretzel Kids is amazing and our students thoroughly enjoy this after-school yoga program! The teachers are professional, nurturing and treat each child with kindness. They teach the students the importance of healthy exercise and taking care of themselves.

—Debra Buckley, Assistant Principal, Holy Name Parish School

Why Work with Pretzel Kids?

A fair question. After all, when you need a kids yoga teacher, hiring someone to work at your facility is a big deal, and you want to make sure they are reliable and qualified.

First, our curriculum and classes have been in schools for 16 years. We know what we're doing and the kids love our teachers and classes.

Second, we handle everything for you: We hire the teacher, we send you an agreement with all the details, we invoice you for the classes and we even ensure that a sub is there if the regular instructor can't be there! We save you time, money and aggravation.

Third, we provide you with information to send home to parents, registration forms (if you prefer to use ours), and a proven yoga, mindfulness and SEL program!